Option Type/Default Description
autotuning::allow_lower_precision_training bool/false Enables to use FP16 in FP32 convolutions.
autotuning::maxruns int/100 Max number of runs per library and layer.
autotuning::notimproved int/5 Number of runs without improvement when autotuning will be stopped.
compiler::debug bool/false Generates code with debug symbols, prints execution times per cluster and inserts assertions to check correctness of memory allocations/frees.
compiler::debug_graph bool/false Generates SVGs in .sol/debug with the network structure.
compiler::debug_memory_consumption bool/false Generates memory consumption estimations in .sol/debug.
compiler::name string/Unknown Name used for the debug files.
compiler::no_random bool/false Disables randomness in the code and replaces them with a fixed number.
compiler::performance_warning bool/false Shows warning, if chose hyperparameters have negative impact on performance.
compiler::profile bool/false Shows performance of fused layers.
conv::sampling bool/true
dfp::batching bool/false
dfp::batchnorm int/0
dfp::debug bool/false Generates SVGs for the DFP computation graph.
dfp::debug::details bool/false Shows more detailed information in the DFP computation graphs.
dfp::inference_scratchpad bool/true
dfp::input_kernel_merge bool/true
heuristic::[backend]::[layer]::[inf, fwd, bwd, fil] integer Defines the heuristic value used by [backend] for [layer]
jit::debug bool/false Enables debugging in the generated code.
log::level int Can be used to show more debug messages. [0 = error, 1 = info, 2 = warn, 4 = debug, 5 = trace]. Trace messages are only available in debug builds! Can also be set via the ENV var SOL_LOG=[ERROR, INFO, WARN, DEBUG, TRACE].
maxpooling::clipmerge bool/true
maxpooling::relumerge bool/true
onnx::debug bool/false Generates SVGs for the ONNX computation graph.
tvmc::tune bool/false Tune the computation graph platform specifically (compilation will take significantly longer).
ve::reporting bool/false Enables NCC/NC++ reporting on the generated code.