Env Vars

General Env Vars

EnvVar Default Description
SOL_CWD “.” Overrides the folder used to store the .sol folder. Default is the current directory.
SOL_LOG “INFO” Defines SOL log level. Available values: [‘TRACE’, ‘DEBUG’, ‘INFO’, ‘WARN’, ‘ERROR’]
SOL_PROFILE “FALSE” Enables SOL profiler. Available values: [‘FALSE’, ‘TRUE’, ‘TSV’, ‘CSV’, ‘TENSORBOARD’]. Adding MODE:FILENAME allows to store the data into a file instead of std::cout.
SOL_DEBUG Comma separated list of debug flags. Available values [‘ALL’, ‘JIT’, ‘GRAPH’, ‘TEXT’, ‘MEMORY’]
SOL_CLEAR_CACHE Similar to sol.cache.clear(). Available values: [‘TRUE’]
SOL_JIT_THREADS Sets the max number of parallel JIT compilation processes. Default: (number of physical cores - 1)
DOT “dot” Path to GraphViz dot

GCC Env Vars

EnvVar Default Description
CC “gcc” Path to gcc
CXX “gcc” Path to g++
COBJCOPY “objcopy” Path to objcopy
CAR “ar” Path to ar
CPATH Used as include paths
C_INCLUDE_PATH Used as include paths
CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH Used as include paths
LIBRARY_PATH Used as library paths

OpenMP Env Vars

See OpenMP Environment Variables.


EnvVar Default Description
NAR “/opt/nec/ve/bin/nar” Path to nar
NCXX “/opt/nec/ve/bin/nc++” Path to nc++
NOBJCOPY “/opt/nec/ve/bin/nobjcopy” Path to nobjcopy
VEDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES see VEDA for description
VE_NODE_NUMBER see VEDA for description
VE_OMP_NUM_THREADS see VEDA for description
_VENODELIST see VEDA for description
VE_LD_LIBRARY_PATH see VEDA for description
NCPATH Used as include paths
NC_INCLUDE_PATH Used as include paths
NCPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH Used as include paths
NLIBRARY_PATH Used as library paths


EnvVar Default Description
CUDA_HOME Path to CUDA home dir
NVCPATH Used as include paths
NVC_INCLUDE_PATH Used as include paths
NVCPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH Used as include paths
NVLIBRARY_PATH Used as library paths

ARM64 Env Vars

EnvVar Default Description
ARM64_CC “aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc” Path to gcc for ARM64 cross compilation
ARM64_CXX “aarch64-linux-gnu-gxx” Path to g++ for ARM64 cross compilation
ARM64_LD “aarch64-linux-gnu-ld” Path to ld for ARM64 cross compilation
ARM64_AR “aarch64-linux-gnu-ar” Path to ar for ARM64 cross compilation