Most of the frameworks have been build with a specific CUDA version. Please refer to PyTorch or TensorFlow to find the correct CUDA version.


SOL tells me that support for NVIDIA is not available?
This is usually caused by a version of SOL without NVIDIA support. Please check if pip3 list installed | grep nec-sol-device-nvidia shows that it is installed, and has the same version as pip3 list installed | grep nec-sol

Which GPUs are supported?
In general all CUDA capable GPU starting from the Kepler architecture (i.e. Tesla K40) are supported.

SOL does not load CUDNN.
We do not bundle CUDNN with SOL. Usually it is already installed within your system. Please manually download it from https://developer.nvidia.com/cudnn (requires a free CUDA developer account) or by running pip3 install nvidia-cudnn-cuXX (replace XX with 11 or 12 depending on your CUDA version).